Textile Multiple Choice Question MCQ

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1) Other name for screen printing is ________. 

A. Digital printing 

B. Transfer printing

C. Synthetic printing 

D. Silk screen printing

Answer = D

2) In screen printing a ________ is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. 

A. Net 

B. Plastic

C. Mesh 

D. Wood

Answer = C

3) Knitting needles by hand should be ________ inches long. 

A. 7 to 14 

B. 1 to 7

C. 14 to 21 

D. None of these

Answer = A

4) Other name for color is _______.

A. Pigment 

B. Dye

C. Paint 

D. Hue

Answer = D

5) _______ is the oldest type of printing. 

A. Screen printing 

B. Block printing

C. Transfer printing 

D. Digital printing

Answer = B

6) Thread count found in type writer ribbon fabric is: 

A. 250 

B. 300

C. 350 

D. 400

Answer = C

7) Process introduced into the spinning of finer and high quality yarns for cotton is: 

A. Carding 

B. Combing

C. Slashing 

D. Roving

Answer = B

8) Dyeing at fiber stage is known as _______. 

A. Solution dyeing 

B. Top dyeing

C. Stock dyeing 

D. None of these

Answer = C

9) When already dyed fabric is printed, it is called ________. 

A. Double printing 

B. Another printing

C. Over printing 

D. All of these

Answer = C

10) Acetate is derived from_______. 

A. Cellulose 

B. Protein

C. Latex 

D. Rubber

Answer =  A

11) Block printing first originate in ______. 

A. Indonesia 

B. China

C. Egypt 

D. Asia

Answer = B

12)  Garment cutting and manufacturing is based on _______. 

A. Measurement 

B. Fit

C. Style 

D. Fullness

Answer = A

13) Fashion stay for short time period is _______. 

A. Tradition 

B. Classic

C. Fad 

D. Old-fashioned

Answer = C

14) Surface ornamentation of fabric is called_____ .

A. Fashion designing 

B. Textile designing

C. Designing

D. None of these

Answer = B

15) ____ are short fibers that measured in inches or centimeters. 

A. Filament 

B. Staple

C. Coarse 

D. Bonded

Answer = B

16) Cotton can also be _______ to give the fiber added strength and luster. 

A. Finished 

B. Bleached

C. Mercerized 

D. Calendered

Answer = C

17) Which is an elastomeric fiber? 

D A. Acrylic 

B. Mod Acrylic

C. Nylon 

D. Spandex

Answer = D

18) Dacron is a trade name of which fiber? 

A. Nylon 

B. Polyester

C. Spandex 

D. Acrylic

Answer = B

19) Fabric is treated with heat and pressure to add luster. 

A. Lustering 

B. Felting

C. Beetling 

D. Glazing

Answer = A

20) The ability of fiber to stretch and return to shape is_______. 

A. Elasticity 

B. Crimp

C. Stretch 

D. Pliablity

Answer = A

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